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Financing SMEs

Petrini Valores maintains a strong commitment to the development of financing alternatives for SMEs from Cordoba and interior.

Deferred Payment Checks

Currently, the operations of deferred payment checks in the stock market is an excellent alternative for SMEs funded in a non-banking environement and at competitive rates *.

Petrini Valores maintains relationships with various mutual guarantee ** in the country and assists companies in the process of obtaining loan guarantees. We advise and collaborate in assembling folders management to be submitted to the SGRs to achieve the granting of guarantees and counter-guarantees constitute.

The demand for guaranteed checks is generated largely by Mutual Funds whose investment object SMEs are a number of instruments. Petrini Securities maintains a close relationship with the main "SME Fund", which allows us to negotiate rates efficient and timely manner.

* See the report dated checks and current rates in our Research section.
** More information SGRs in our training section.


On the SMEs allow access financing with lower interest rates to which it is possible to access other sources of funding. They are emissions that are not subject to the requirement of risk rating and enjoy tax advantages.

Petrini Securities is organizing, structuring and placement of ON SMEs by providing advice from the initial stages involving the design basis until the final stages of placing on the market.

IOU Stock Market

An interesting tool that SMEs have to finance is the Note Securities.

This instrument may be issued in pesos or dollars, and the lease term can be up to two years. This instrument allows financing small investments and working capital in the medium term and designing the scheme amortized as of each company.